Faculty Development Program

  1. To promote learning outcome, faculty competence,

               Deployment of identified faculty to destinations abroad for training under IDP, NAHEP of CAU, Imphal. 19 faculty members have been selected for undergoing foreign training in identified areas.

2. Creation of ambience for enhanced learning process.

               7 smart class room at six constituent colleges and HQ, CAU has been developed.

3. Strengthening college libraries

               Purchased of various foreign and Indian text books under IDP, NAHEP has been completed and placed in college libraries.

Some key faculty Development Trainings/Workshops conducted so far

 Faculty Development   
1A 10-dayinternationalshort time course titled: “International online short course on “Precision Agriculture: A technology for income augmentation and entrepreneurship development”3107th to the 18th of July, 2020COF, Tripura
2A Seven Days Online Training Course on “Google for Education”11210 to 16 August, 2020COF, Tripura
3A one day virtual workshop on E-Training Exploring techniques required to be an educator in virtual world”101st September, 2020COF, Tripura
4A five days webinar cum training program on “Application of R square for Data Analysis in Agricultural and Life Sciences”19124th to 28th August, 2020COF, Tripura
5A four daysvirtual training on “Fundamental aspects of ethical issues in research practices”24022nd to 25th September, 2020CHF,PASIGHAT
63 Days Virtual Training Programme for Faculties – ”Enhancing the Potential”10026th July – 28th July 2021HQ, CAU

Organization of Summer School