Technologies of CAU Imphal

A1. Patented technology
College of Ag Engg& PHT, RanipoolMulti-Column sand filter and a method thereof
A2. Patents in pipeline
College of Agriculture, IroisembaManually operated makhana (Euryale FeroxSalisb.) harvester with optical device
 Motorisedhand held pineapple harvester
 Low cost turmeric/Ginger rhizome washer
A3. Patents likely to be filed
College of Agriculture, IroisembaHook and cut type fruit harvester
College of Ag Engg& PHT, RanipoolPower tiller operated multi crop
College of Post Graduate Studies, BarapaniCAU Bioenhancer
 CAU JhumBioenhance
College of Food Technology, ImphalChakhaokher powder – instant pre-mx
B1. List of technologies licensed
College of Agriculture, IroisembaPineapple value products; Osmodehydrated ring/titbit and RTS beverage
College of Fisheries, Lembucherra Value added fish product
College of Food Technology, ImphalChakhaokher powder – instant pre-mx
B2. List of technology likely to apply for licensing
1. College of Community Sc, TuraLow GI Roti Mix
2. College of Post Graduate Studies, BarapaniUm-BioF1, Bacillus altitudinis 41E
 Um-BioF2, Pseudomonas saponiphila 69E (MH021684)
 Um-BioF3, Pseudomonas putida
 Um-Rhizo1, Rhizobium leguminosarumbv. Viceae (NR2)
 Jhum-BioF1, Pantoeaanthophila
 Jhum-BioF2, Kosakoniaradicincitans
3. College of Food Technology, ImphalHeining balls
 Super kabok
 Cassava noodles
C1. Technology commercialized
College of Agriculture, Iroisemba, ImphalCAU-R1 (Tamphaphou) Notified on 27th  April, 2018 with Notification no. 1379(E) released for upland condition
 CAU R2 (Tomthinphou) Notified in 6th Jan, 2020 with Notification n. S.O.99 (E), Sl. No. 14
 CAU R3 (Mangalphou) Notified in 6th Jan, 2020 with Notification n. S.O.99 (E), Sl. No. 22
 CAU R4 (Enotphou) Notified in 6th Jan, 2020 with Notification n. S.O.99 (E), Sl. No. 13
 Low cost solar dryer
 Biomass heat generated dryer
 Pineapple harvester
 Ginger-turmeric washer
 High value Manipuri poultry breed Kaunayen; best suited for local environment as sport activity
 Vermicompost technology from the municipal waste
 Pineapple Peeler-cum-Corer-cum Slicer
 Pony Driven Cart for Agricultural Farm
College of Fisheries, LembucherraFloating grow-out carp feed NECTAR-AC (55:FF-20)
 Floating grow-out carp feed NECTAR-AC (55:FF-25)
 Extruded Sinking Pabda /Magur/ Singhi-feed NECTAR-AC (55:SF-32)
College of Horticulture and Forestry, PasighatRapid macro-propagation techniques for banana (NECTARCM-10)
Wedge grafting in citrus (NECTARCM-13)
C2. Technology to be commercialized
College of Agriculture, Iroisemba, ImphalManual honey extractor
 Low cost portable zero energy cooling chamber
 Process protocol for preparation of pineapple powder with natural aroma
 Aloe vera based RTS drink blended with ginger, amla and sweet lime
 Use of rice husk ash in controlling insects in stored soyabean seeds
 Influence of mulching on production potential and economic of rainfed rice-bases cropping system
 Mass production of Trichoderma at low cost using agriculture waste
 Zinc fertilization for better growth and yield of tomato
 Promising line of Toria “CAU-Toria 1”
 CAU Umangra-1
College of Veterinary Sciences & A.H, Selesih, Aizawl, MizoramPoly herbal ointment against mange infestation in pig
College of Fisheries, LembucherraCAU (Imphal)- BRSHTI
 BRICS technology for Magur seed production
 Utilization of detoxified rubber seed meal for fish feed formulation NECTAR-AC-52
 Medicated feed for ameliorating the effect of low pH and waterborne iron stresses in fish NECTAR-AC-59
 Bamboo leaf extract based dietary formulation against multiple stresses in fish NECTAR-AC-60
 Fish feed using protein concentrates and protein isolates from rubber seeds NECTAR-AC-62
College of Horticulture and Forestry, PasighatPruning guava (PsidiumguajavaL.) for winter crop in North-Eastern Indian condition.
 Technology for storage of planting material for effective management of rhizome rot of ginger
 Mass production of Trichoderma viridea biocontrol agent.
 Mushroom cultivation technology for Arunachal Pradesh
 Management and rejuvenation of citrus orchard of North East Region
 Zero tillage cultivation of rapeseed- mustard with bee pollination and non-chemical method of plant protection.
 Organic management of soft rot of ginger.
 Portable manual mulch laying machine for hill terrace
College of Community Science, TuraLow glycemic index (GI) food products
 Value added products from jackfruit
 Improved Kokcheng (Bamboo basket) and pupa extractor
 Fiber extraction and apparel/utility product development from underutilized plant fiber
College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology, SikkimImproved animal drawn wedge plough (NECTAR-FM-79)
 Animal drawn wing plough (NECTAR-FM-65)
 Animal drawn improved rolling peg type puddler (NECTAR-FM-84)
 Animal drawn two row zero-till-planter for multi crop use(NECTARFM-87)
 Power tiller operated multi-crop seed drill cum planter (NECTAR-FM-88)
 Improved large cardamom harvesting Knife (NECTARFM-67)
 Blended RTS beverages using passion fruit, Sikkim mandarin and ginger (NECTAR-PHT-108)
College of Post Graduate Studies in Agricultural Sciences, UmiamCAU-Bioenhancer (NECTAR-CM-14)
 CAU Jhum- Bioenhancer (NECTAR-CM-15)
 Root-dipping in SSP-MC Slurry (NECTAR-CM-14)
 Biofortified Enriched Compost (BEC)
 Improved line CAUS 105 (IET27496) of paddy) NECTAR-CI-08
 Improved line CAUS 107 (IET28210) of paddy) NECTAR-CI-09