The University in the stage where the technologies generated by the University have to be commercially exploited whereverfeasible. At present each campusisachievingthismilestoneseparately.Therefore theUniversityfelttocreateacentralstructurewhichwill facilitate this work. The university has developed a number of technologies in terms of varieties, products and intellectual properties which can be efficiently utilized for resource generation.  Further, each of the campus hasalso generated spare capacity in its scientific equipment and machinery.Thissparecapacitymaybesharedwithneeded personsororganizationsandthustheUniversitycan generaterevenueoutofsuchsparecapacities.

Resource management cell (RMC) is therefore createdintheyear 2021.Thecellwillfunctioninnetworkmodewithallthe campuses.Theaimofthecellistoprepareaninventory ofavailablefacilities, to facilitate revenue generationandoverseeall matters related to intellectual properties and technology transfer/commercialization.


The RMC at the headquarters will be headed by director and team of scientists. Each college/ campus will be represented by a nodal officer.


Office of the RMC

  1. To supervise overall resource generation activities of the university
  2. Digitization of available natural resources/ IPR/ Copy rights/ Trademarks related resources
  3. Supporting in filing patent, licensing and commercialization of technologies
  4. Planning and supporting different colleges in resource generation
  5. Facilitating techno-legal and policy matters in the course of developing public private relationship