The Directorate of Research, CAU, Imphal with its mandatory responsibility to monitor, co-ordinate and supervise all the research activities under the University aims at developing technologies which can bring about a far reaching impact on the productivity and profitability of crops, animals and fishes through sustainable and eco-friendly technological and scientific approaches for socio-economic upliftment of the people of NEH Region. With a view to fulfil the research objectives of the University, a number of need based location specific internally and externally funded basic, applied and adaptive research projects were undertaken in all the constituent colleges of the University. During the year under report, University carried various research projects under Intramural Research Projects (IRPs), University Funded Research Programmes, Externally Funded Research Projects including All India Co-ordinated Research Projects (AICRPs) and All India Network Research Projects (AINRPs).

The research projects conducted by the constituent colleges of CAU have to be monitored and evaluated at regular interval for smooth functioning and fruitful results. The Research Review Meeting of all internally and externally funded projects is to be conducted for all the constituent colleges quarterly i.e. every three months. The Quarterly Research Review Meeting will have to be made for the constituent college by the concerned Dean and Chairman, CRAC along with the Members of CRAC. Half yearly Research Review Meeting will be conducted by the Director of Research, CAU, Imphal as Chairman along with the concerned Dean and Members of CRAC of the constituent college. Further, the Research Council Meeting will be held yearly and detailed research review will be made by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and Chairman, CAU, Research Council along with all the Members of the Research Council including Co-opted Members.