Dr. Moirangthem Premjit Singh
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor,
Central Agricultural University, Imphal

Sustaining agricultural productivity in the North Eastern India has become a serious concern now as we continue to face the problem of declining soil health, unsustainable agricultural practices and unfavourable climate change like rise in maximum temperature and fall in minimum temperature as well as aberrant rainfall pattern. Frequent occurrence of drought and flood in the region has enormously affected the agricultural production. Water availability and soil acidity continue to be major constraints in ensuring the food, nutritional and livelihood security of the region. Loss of valuable top soil due to erosion and poor conservation practices and the associated decrease in soil biological activity as a result of depletion of soil organic carbon should be the focus of all our research and development efforts in addition to facing the challenges of rising input costs, unpredictable market situations and shortage of agricultural work force.

The Central Agricultural University, Imphal has been involved in Teaching, Research and Extension endeavours with the sole purpose of preparing students of world class standards, motivating its teachers and researchers to empower the young student community with the knowledge, wisdom and application of mind to solve the problems of the farmers of the NEH region. The constituent colleges of the CAU have grown from strength to strength with a highly motivated staff, state-of the-art infrastructure and a responsive and talented student community. The vision and hard work of the members of the CAU family have already started yielding fruits. Our students have excelled in the National Competitive Examinations like ARS, NET and JRF.

With many of our brilliant and motivated students entering the State departments of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, animal husbandry and other stakeholder organizations, I am confident that the NEH region will grow into a vibrant agricultural economy to ensure livelihood support as well as food and nutritional security.

Our research programmes are vibrant and the CAU has brilliant scientists and teachers who have won prestigious research projects from National and International agencies. While we are proud of our achievements notably the development of CAU rice varieties which are widely accepted by the farmers of NEH region and adoption of zero tillage cultivation of rapeseed-mustard in rice fallows with bee pollination and non-chemical method of plant protection on large scale, to mention a few, we are aware that the best is yet to come. My desire from the depth of my heart is that the readers will extend an arm of support to CAU for the welfare of the farmers of the NEH region. I cordially invite talented teachers, administrators and technocrats to join the CAU family. I also appeal to all the citizens to motivate their children to join the CAU and be part of our dream for a vibrant and enviable NEH region.


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