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The power and functions of Central Agricultural University, Imphal

(i) to make provision for instructions in agricultural and allied sciences;
(ii) to make provision for conduct of research in agricultural and allied branches of learning;
(iii) to make provision for dissemination of the findings of research and technical information through extension programmes;
(iv) to grant, subject to such conditions as it may determine, diplomas or certificates to, and confer degrees or other academic distinctions on the basis of examination, evaluation or any other method of testing, on persons, and to withdraw any such diplomas, certificates degrees or other academic distinction for good and sufficient cause;
(v) to confer honorary degrees or other distinctions in the manner prescribed by the Statutes;
(vi) to provide lectures and instructions for field workers, village leaders and other persons not enrolled as regular students of the University and to grant certificates to them as may be prescribed by the Statutes;
(vii) to co-operate or collaborate or associate with any other University or authority or institution of higher learning in such manner and for such purpose as the University may determine.
(viii) to establish and maintain colleges relating to agriculture, fisheries, dairying, veterinary medicine and animal science, home-science, agricultural engineering, forestry and allied sciences;
(ix) to establish and maintain such campuses, special centres, specialized laboratories, libraries, museums or other units for research and institution as are, in its opinion, necessary for the furtherance of its objects;
(x) to create teaching, research and extension education posts and to make appointments thereto;
(xi) to create administrative, ministerial and other posts and to make appointments thereto;
(xii) to institute and award fellowships, scholarships, studentships, medals and prizes;
(xiii) to determine standards of admission to the University which may include examination, evaluation or any other method of testing;
(xiv) to provide and maintain residential accommodation for students and employees;
(xv) to supervise the residences of the students of the University and to make arrangements for promoting their health and general welfare;
(xvi) to lay down conditions of service of all categories of employees, including their code of conduct;
(xvii) to regulate and enforce discipline among the students and the employees and to take such disciplinary measures in this regards as it may deem necessary;
(xviii) to fix, demand and receive such fees and other charges as may be prescribed by the Statutes,
(xix) to borrow, with the approval of the Central Government on the security of its property, money for the purpose of the University;
(xx) to receive benefactions, donations and gifts and to acquire, hold, manage and dispose of any property, movable or immovable including trust and endowment properties, for its purposes,
(xxi) to do all such other acts and things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the statement of all or any of its objects.


  • Appellate Authority of the University:

  • Registrar,
    Central Agricultural University,
    Lamphelpat-795004, Imphal, Manipur, India.
    Telephone No.0385-2410644(O)
    Email: registrar.cau@gov.in

  • RTI Fee details:

  • The prescribed RTI fee to be enclosed along with application form in the form of Demand Draft/Banker Cheque/Indian Postal Order (IPO), as per RTI Act, 2005 and its subsequent related amendment/OM, etc. if any, should be submitted to the Central Public Information Officer/Assistant Central Public Information Officer as may be required, for further processing of the case. However, Demand Draft/Banker Cheque/IPO of Rs. 10/- being processing RTI fee, should be addressed to the The Comptroller, Central Agricultural University, Imphal. Further, the fee can also be paid by Cash.

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