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Hostel Regulations


  • Every hostel shall have a Warden and he/she will be responsible for hostel administration and enforcement of the mandatory rules and regulations.
  • The Deans of concern colleges will appoint Wardens from amongst the teachers normally for a term of 2 years in consultation with the committee members of academic of the college.
    1. The Wardens will be entitled a rent free unfurnished residence. The Warden will have the following responsibilities:-
    2. He/she will be responsible for allotment of hostel rooms, maintenance of discipline in accordance with the hostel rules.
    3. He/she will attend the hostel office daily for one hour at a specified time already notified in the notice board for necessary information of the students.
    4. He/she will be responsible for the supervision of the staff working in the hostel who shall take orders from him/her. For any instance of negligence or misbehavior, dereliction of duty of the staff working in the hostel, he/ she will report the matter to the Deans for necessary disciplinary action.
    5. He/she will report to the medical officer all cases of illness or accidents and ensure that the students concerned received proper medical care. He/ she will inform the Deans and student welfare officer for all such cases well in time.
    6. He/she will inspect the kitchen, dining rooms, common rooms and other facilities, etc., regularly. If any defect is noticed, he/she will have to set it right by the help of his/her staff. If the staff faces difficulties for any remedial measure for such defect, it may be brought to the notice of the knowledge of the concern Dean and estate officer under intimation of the Dean.
    7. He/she will appoint Hostel prefects from amongst the students as prescribed in the relevant rules and supervise their works.
    8. He/she shall ensure that no unauthorized person stays in the hostel and issue permits for the stay of guests.
    9. He/she shall check any unauthorized used electrical appliances in the hostel with the help of staff.
    10. He/she will be responsible for proper organization and conduct of hostel functions and festivals, etc.
  • Within the hostel, the Warden will be responsible for the maintenance of discipline and good behavior and will keep Dean informed of all acts of indiscipline and misbehavior and the action taken by him. Where the Warden is of the view that a punishment should be imposed heavier than that what he is competent to award, he/she will report the case to the concerned Dean, with the recommendation in writing and the Dean may then pass an order as he may deem fit and proper.
  • The Dean and the Warden shall have the power of taking disciplinary action on the student, the punishment of which will depend on the nature and severity of the offence as given below:

    i) Disciplinary action by the Warden
    a. Warning
    b. Fine up to Rs. 500/-
    c. Expulsion from the hostel on account of non-payment of hostel/mess dues

    ii) Disciplinary action by the Dean
    a. Warning
    b. Fine up to Rs. 1000/-
    c. Placement on conduct probation.
    d. Expulsion from the hostel for gross negligence/indiscipline.
    e. Temporary or permanent withdrawal of concession/aid/stipends/ scholarships /fellowships.
    f. Removal/debarring from part time employment for staff of the hostel.
    g. Rustication from the college.
    h. Expulsion from the college.
  • The Warden will have the authority to enter the room of any student and also make a search of the room, when necessary. He/she will also have the authority, when the need arises, to break open the lock of any room and also to shift the belongings of a student to any other place.
  • The Warden will have the authority to confiscate any unauthorized electric or other appliances or gadgets being used by a student and also to impose or recommend the imposition of a fine for such un-authorised use.
  • Subject to the instructions may be issued, from time to time, by the Dean, the Warden will make allotment/re-allotment of rooms in the hostel and such allotment shall be final.

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