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CAU Alumni Introduction

Since the establishment of Central Agricultural University, Imphal in the year, 1993, University has produced a huge number of distinguished, well trained Alumni. The University is proud to establish an Alumni Association with Dr. S Basanta Sing, Director of Instruction, CAU, Imphal as Chaiman

Alumni Network is a social network portal, designed & developed by the CAU IT Cell, to enrich the progress of Indian Agricultural Universities associations. Besides ubiquitous educational access, this platform enables users, to explore university Alumni Network, as they can be notified of any timely update, of all the recent happenings, in Alumni network. Distant Alumni, keep in touch with the progress of the university, as they can initiate exchange of messages, in the network between, groups of different demographic location and interests.

This portal is a medium to get connected globally, for sharing of information, networking among alumni of CAU, Imphal, providing wide-array of networking opportunities, for frequent activities, events updates. Offering an exclusive opportunity to meet alumni, employers, industry leaders, passed out colleagues, “Alumni Network”, facilitate the expansion of professional network, for individuals, to stay in touch with their fellow alumni, from various fields of expertise. Developed to foster communication for easy exchange of information, this provides, its alumni a virtual opportunity, to get in touch in real-time, for harnessing good relationships, develop resources, progress skills and profit from the expertise of others.